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        Established in 2004, Xiamen URB Fabricating Co., Ltd. (YURB) is a large and medium-sized modern diversified enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacture, sales and services, which is mainly engaged in the hardware products, crafts, shelves of warehouse and store, display shelf of exhibition, fitness equipment, wooden products, household products, development of moulds, the design and manufacture of professional mechanical equipment, etc., with the products mainly sold well to European, North America and Southeast Asian countries as well as Hong Kong......




          ADD: Li Lin Cun Guankkou Jimei 361023 Xiamen P.R.China.
          TEL: 86-592-6385105
          FAX: 86-592-6385171
          E-MAIL: Info@URB.com.cn
        COPYRIGHT © 2014 XIAMEN URB FABRICATING CO.,LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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