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Shelf classification
Shelf classification of scale can be divided into the following categories:

Pallet Rack: high quality cold-rolled steel sheet by roll forming, the column can be up to 6 meters in the middle seamless, high quality square steel beam, load-bearing force, not easily deformed, hanging between the beams and columns protruding into the cylindrical, connection, reliable, easy disassembly, and use the nail to prevent the forklift at work will provoke beam; the surface of all the shelves are pickling, phosphating processes such as electrostatic spraying process, corrosion and rust, beautiful appearance. For large warehouses.

Medium shelf: Medium shelf unique style, reasonable structure, easy assembly and disassembly without screws, and the robust, large carrying capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouse and enterprise business units.

Light shelf: the shelf is a universal light punching highly structured system can be widely used in assembly of light-duty rack, workbench, tools, vehicles, suspension systems, safety net care and support frame. The length of angle iron punching fast cutting can scale with any screw assembly, correction and re-installed, so that it can meet by the well-planned use, can be used to meet emergency needs.

Mezzanine: full modular structure, can be used to board, checker plate, steel, and other materials to do the floor, second floor and can be designed as a flexible multi-layer for metal tools. Electronic equipment, machinery and spare parts spare parts and other articles of small package store, variety store, take advantage of small bulk cargo space.

Italy Metalsistem shelf: METALSISTEM Company Research (CSR) their design, development and production line machinery to fully meet their manufacturing needs. Cut off from the continuous control of raw materials, laboratory testing to begin manufacturing and final product quality is a continuous process.

Special shelves: include mold frame, frame drums, fluent shelf, rack, take a car, net compartment, six categories.

Suitability and appearance features from the shelf can be divided into the following categories:

High shelf: Technology imported from Germany, have assembled good, carrying capacity and stability and other characteristics. Steel timber with hot and cold shelf.

Corridor shelves: a tray for storing a large number of similar goods and designs. Tray one by one according to the depth direction stored in the support rail, increasing the storage density, improved space utilization. This shelf is usually used where storage space is expensive, such as cold storage and so on. Corridor Rack has four basic components: frame, rail support bar so tray rails and ramps. This high-shelf warehouse utilization, enabling FIFO, or LIFO. Suitable for storing large quantities, less variety of goods, bulk operations. The smallest available space to provide maximum storage capacity. Its application to high-volume, less variety of cargo storage operations. Truck Road directly into the goods within the access to goods, job extremely easy. Machinery and equipment needs: anti-balance forklift truck or stacker shelf features: a lower flow rate for inventory storage; can provide 20% -30% of the optional; the warehouse for pick up low. Ground rate: 60%, higher (required by the design calculations)

Beam Rack: The most popular and most economical form of a shelf, safe and convenient for a variety of warehouse, direct access to the goods. Is the simplest and most widely used of the shelf. Can fully utilize the space. Using a convenient tray access, effective with forklift loading and unloading, which greatly enhance operational efficiency. Machinery and equipment requirements: anti-balance forklift truck or forklift. Forklifts can improve floor space utilization 30%, the operating height of 16 meters; beam Rack features: smooth inventory turnover. Selection can provide 100% capacity. Improve the average pick rate. Provide quality product protection. Ground rate: 31%, low (to be calculated according to the above design)

Racking: Pallet Rack relatively normal in terms of not operating channel, so an increase of 60% of the space utilization; tray operation follows the FIFO principle; automatically saved rotation; storage and selection of two separate actions greatly increased output, Because it is self-gravity to slide the goods, and no operating channel, so reducing the number of transport routes and forklifts. Each channel on the shelf are installed in a certain slope, with the track rail, storage unit goods under the action of gravity, flows out from the library storage terminal end. This warehouse, not in between the rows and rows of channel operations, greatly improving the utilization of warehouse space. However, when used, preferably the same row, on the same level of goods, the goods shall be the same or a library of both incoming and outgoing goods. Storey adjustable, with various models forklift or stacker, to achieve a variety of tray quick access to the largest unit cells carrying cargo of up to 5000kg, is the most commonly used storage industries.
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