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Several common shelf design
Refers to the operating room is a shelf in the store display and sales of goods to be placed near the cabinet, racks, cabinets, boxes and other equipment. In recent years, local stores to adapt to new situations, to improve their competitiveness, to show the effect of the operating room for a general adjustment of shelves, counters and other major goods display device has been modified, and some repairing the New cabinet, new look to the operating room.

Shelves display goods compared to a street vendor to take full advantage of the open space, the aim is to merchandise arranged in perfect order, so that customers at a glance, the fastest transmission of product information to customers, through the emotional display of goods, stimulate and strengthen the determination of purchase; but also the high level of sales to provide customers with the basic operation of the service facilities. Whether cabinet shelves, cabinet shelves, box-type shelves, shelves, etc. are used to place the boom of different products, customers selected. The shelves of a group of singling out a group of sales of different species, the composition of sales of the team, so that the customer entered the store shelves of the operating room can be formed along the channel network, see the store operating an array of various goods, store sales services are on the shelf directly with the customer before the completion.

Shelf layout, is the main operating room layout, the structure of woven goods channel, determines the flow of customers, regardless of vertical cross, diagonal cross, radiant, free-style flow-through or direct methods such as layout, should be the change of the content for the business to retain a certain degree of leeway, so as to adjust the form of shelf placement. Therefore, modern integrated shopping centers have adopted a variety of combinations in the form of shelves, only a few specialty stores only a small amount of fixed form.

The distance between the shelves should ensure smooth passenger flow, small shops set up facing the wall-shop shelf is not a problem, large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., should form according to the size of the store the flow of people, business types to measure the size of a reasonable distance, the general said the main channel should be 1.6 to 4.5 meters, the second channel is not less than 1.2-2 meters.

Because the shape of various types of goods, volume, value, etc. have different characteristics, such as exhibition equipment shelf is bound to have different requirements put forward in order to achieve the best display. According to design various types of goods shelves, is an operating room design direction.

The special nature of goods is also reflected in the main whether stacking, hanging, stacked vertically, horizontally, in bulk, and some goods on the temperature, light sensitive, use glass refrigerator shelf, and some precious commodity on the shelf there are special security measures requirements, some direct contact with customers for goods, designed to provide customers with more adequate facilities. Traditional pharmacy shelf drawer, heritage shops Bogut shelf, platform-style bookstore shelves, fruit of the box-type shelves, the boom-style clothing store shelves, are the varieties according to their operating characteristics to the design.

Shelves should be designed to ensure proper product display shelves at the area and space, so that goods can be arranged horizontally to effectively showcase its variety of different vertical alignment display of the same species of different sizes and grades. Appropriate space not only for the vertical arrangement of goods, but also for the sales shelves, delivery of goods, to facilitate cleaning.

The same store, the shelves should be a basic unity of style, purpose is to create a neat, orderly environment and provide a good atmosphere for shopping. The same size, same materials, form the same characteristics (mainly in the top foot, angle, surface), the same color, so that the shelves to obtain a sense of unity.
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